Target Gift Card balance

Target Gift card is a prepaid stored value money card which can be replaced by cash for purchases of any kind of material from the Target stores, the second largest departmental store and contains good deals of purchase compared to direct cash.

Target gift cards can be purchased at any Target stores as well as in and can choose any kind of gift card that may be eGiftcard, Physical Target Gift card or Mobile Gift card that can be sent by email, mail or text message to mobile respectively.

target giftcard balance


You can apply eGiftcard in, and the card will be sent to the email address provided and the card will consist of the card number and access number for verification and purchase of any kind of materials from the Target stores and check and load the Target Gift Card Balance.

Physical Target Gift Card

You can apply for Physical Target Gift Card in and card will be sent to the provided address and it contains 15 digit card number as well as the 8-digit access number that can be used for verification and Target Gift Card Balance.

Mobile Gift Card

Mobile Gift Card can be applied through by providing the mobile number where the card number and access number is sent through the text message and in the time of purchase you can upload, check or buy anything from the Target store.

Target Gift card Balance can be checked at any retail locations or online and the balance can also be uploaded and this can charge 2% less amount than any other debit cards but there exists a large difference between Target gift Card and debit card, thus Target Visa Card came into existence.

Target Gift Card Balance Visa

Target Gift Card started visa for the customers who want to open a credit account at the Target store and the branded Visa Cards will be available and used only at Target stores or

Target Gift Card Visa contains an APR that’s 2% lower than that of the store card that balances both the profit of the retailer and the cost of the product will be effective for the customer too. The Target Gift Card Balance Visa can be uploaded from the Target Retailer Store or online and has 25.24% of APR at current


The balance of Physical Target Gift card or eGiftcard:-

  • Visit from any browser in mobile.
  • Every physical Target Gift Card contains a 15 digit card number and 8 digit access number and you can get these numbers by gently scratching the silver strip on the back of the physical debit card.
  • Enter the required numbers or pin in and you can upload the balance or check the balance on the Target Gift Card Balance Online.
  • Your details are shown and you can upload the balance from a bank account or debit card directly and easily.

In addition to the card and access numbers, the target gift card may contain an event or sequence number that is not needed for the check or upload.

The balance of Mobile Target Gift card without scratching

  • You can call 1-800-544-2943 from the registered mobile phone.
  • Press 1 after you listen the prompt to check the balance.
  • Enter the 15 digit card number listening to the prompt.
  • Enter the access number.
  • You can hear your balance from your Mobile and thus Target Gift Card without scratching or no hold Target Gift Card.

Target Gift card Balance Transfer

Unfortunately, the Target Gift Card Balance cannot be transferred online by the user himself/herself.

  • One should visit the Target store to transfer the Balance funds or to withdraw them either by buying products or to transfer them to the bank account.
  • Standard charges are applied for the Target Gift Card Balance Transfer and the physical target Gift Card or Visa is to be scanned by the retailer to transfer them to other Target Gift card or to multiple Target Gift cards
  • After the Target Gift Card Balance Transfer there will be two balances the card one and the New Balance after transfer in the receipt.

Trust factor

Target stores assure 100% trust factor as Target Corporation is the second- largest and trusted departmental stores in the United States of America and has nearly 1,822 stores throughout the United States and accountability is welcomed at every retailer store.

  • The customer’s data is preserved by the utmost secure process.
  • Target stores offer the discount rates and the cost of the products at affordable prices targeting the middle class.
  • The Target Gift card Balance of every customer is encrypted under the Barcode and only the devices of Stores can access them.

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