Toys R Us Gift Card Balance Check

If you want to check the balance of your Toys R Us gift card online then, you must have to register at official website. Once you have successfully registered with Toys R Us gift card, you can able to view your Toys R Us gift card balance. For more information follow the complete step by step instructions.

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How To Check Toys R Us Gift Card Balance

You can check your gift card balance through the website or phone number.

Method 1) Balance check via online :

  • Website:

Method 2) Balance check via Phone :

  • Phone: 800 869-7787

Lost & Stolen Card Prosses In Toys R Us Gift Card

  • Your eGift Card has cash value and should be safeguarded as such.
  • If you lose your printed eGift Card, contact Customer Support immediately.
  • If your eGift Card has not been redeemed or has some remaining value, They can cancel the original and issue you a new eGift Card for that value.

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